Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 9: Cultivating Soul-FullnessMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 9: Cultivating Soul-Fullness

Our desires, longings, and inner stirrings alert us that something more is trying to come through us than we have expressed or experienced so far in our lives. Whatever it is needs to be planted in cultivated soil, encouraged to grow in its own time, not ours, and tended with loving consideration. When we cultivate our unified fields, we open our hearts and come, through our senses, more into connection with the aliveness of the world around us and our vulnerability in relation to all of life. As a result of this process, we discover, in a lived and felt way, the interconnectedness of all things.

“When we relax our defenses, the first thing we feel is defenseless. Relaxing our defenses usually feels like a trembling vulnerability that brings us in contact with the delicacy of our hearts. This, in turn, brings us to the openness we yearn for but are not used to experiencing.”

“Soulfulness develops slowly over time. Like a hen sitting on her eggs until they hatch, we must allow the energy to gestate in its own time – not our time, but the energy’s time. All other responses, whether mental or based in action, are distractions that bleed the life out of the energy, producing an anemic version of the original impulse at best or killing it altogether at worst.”

jane-thumb“I hold this journey in my heart as a treasure – a kind of trek into an inner wilderness – a place where old bones burn to ash to allow something new to rise, a place to be seen in raw undecorated beauty. This is the gift I feel so much gratitude for.

Thank you for shining your light and leading the way through life’s transformative passage.”
– Jane Fisher

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