Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 8: Lighting the LampMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 8: Lighting the Lamp

Next we turn our focus to the integration of our egos and our souls. During this time our souls light a lamp of awareness that reveals more fully our family and social conditioning and leaves us less tolerant of acting based on that conditioning rather than responding authentically. In this portion of the midlife journey, we are repeatedly invited – or feel forced – to return to earlier stages of our ego development so that we can, once and for all, liberate ourselves of childhood conditioning and prepare ourselves to be reconditioned by our souls for whatever larger purpose awaits us. This is a very exciting stage because there is so much more of our soul-based selves present that we feel an unprecedented amount of inner support for liberating ourselves from the emotionally oppressive patterns from childhood freeing us to live the largest lives possible going forward.

8-peo“Integration is not a reorganization of the parts but a full embrace of all aspects of ourselves followed by an expansion of our sense of our selves beyond prior limits.”

“The profound and irresistible inner imperative to become what god or the deep current of life intended – not what our culture, parents, or social affiliations intended – is the province of our souls.”

“It is the ultimate challenge to really live our lives instead of living other people’s lives or just occupying the portions of our lives that feel safe and manageable.”

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