Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 6: Filling in the GapsMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 6: Filling in the Gaps

To prepare ourselves for the emergence of our integrated soul selves in the second half of the midlife journey, this month we explore patterns of response in our current lives that are the result of traumatic experiences from childhood. Those experiences caused us to disassociate from the present moment and left an enduring imprint. We learn how to invite back the parts of us that split off during those times. Using “acute” conditions that arise in our present-day lives, we trace our chronic disassociation strategies and learn to gently bring consciousness into our moments of disassociation. The more we fill in the gaps where we absent ourselves when present-day experience feels too much like past traumatic experiences, the less attached we become to needing things to be a certain way and the more grateful and joyful we feel for life itself.

“The old forms of us must give way before something fresh and new – the new shape of ourselves – is born.”

“Just as the DNA of the butterfly is encoded in the caterpillar, we have our own blueprint for the future encoded deep inside of us. Reaching down, through the places where we absented ourselves, and contacting this blueprint for our future life is a spiritual practice. Over time, the process feels less traumatic and more like a homecoming.”

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