Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 5: Opening the Spirit DoorMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 5: Opening the Spirit Door

At some point during our time down under, our spirit door opens, catapulting us into a different reality where we can, for a time, connect with our souls. The opening of the spirit door is, as one client described it, “the paradigm-shattering miracle of midlife,” in which we spend an extended period of time living in two worlds at the same time – for example, holding together a marriage while deeply attracted to someone not our spouse, or trying to maintain our regular lives while grappling with a medical diagnosis. Living in two worlds simultaneously initiates us into the soul’s multi-dimensional focus, which will mature in us by the end of our journeys so that the second half of our adult lives is lived with unprecedented freedom to express all of ourselves fully.

“The timing and intensity vary, but the spirit door phenomenon occurs most commonly in our darkest hour or when our defenses are at an all-time low. I think this is the case because, when we are laid low, we are the most open to influence from sources beyond or outside ourselves.”

“If we respond in the same old way, we will only see the same old things.”

“Love is blind only to the world we came from, not the world it opens up in us.”

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