Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 3: The UprisingMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 3: The Uprising

During the uprising period of midlife, the ego can no longer subdue our insecurities, fears, and everything else it has been shielding us from and hiding from the world. Everything our egos have disowned and relegated to our subconscious/unconscious rises up, along with regret for roads we did not take in the past, words we have not spoken, and feelings we have not felt. As these previously exiled aspects of our being emerge, they create a psychological discord that continues unraveling our sense of who we are. In this chapter, we explore the psychological processes by which we disown or disassociate from parts of ourselves and learn tools for exploring these aspects of ourselves and recognizing the opportunities that they offer us. The uprising process enables us to know all of ourselves, even the aspects we have previously denied, moving us toward the ultimate goal of truly knowing ourselves – all of ourselves – as a fundamental part of the fabric of all of life.

“The more our upper world is undone as our egos unravel, the more the parts we have subdued, controlled, and abandoned begin to show up at our doorstep. And they arrive not with begging bowls but with battering rams, or like a horde of angry peasants with pitchforks, storming the eroding castle walls of our ideas of what is and is not acceptable for us to do.”

“Our unlived lives, unfelt feelings, and unexpressed character traits insistently advocate to be consciously included in our lives.”

“We have to allow room for the undeveloped parts of ourselves to emerge in their undeveloped forms at first.”

t-3Shane-t“The course was like being on retreat for an entire year; it helped me to prioritize my spiritual practice and self-evolvement process often times against the pressures of the world. In fact, it helped me learn how to structure my life so that the outside pressures were no longer leading my life so much and my inner path became louder and louder and easier to follow. I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the course. It was very helpful and a god-send for me”
– Shane Hill
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