Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Stage 10: Through the Sacred GateMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Stage 10: Through the Sacred Gate

In this stage, our consciousness expands beyond our individual bodies as we cultivate the ability to move back and forth between the visible world of matter and the invisible world of soul and life force. We learn to access the invisible world through doorways such as projections, dreams, symptoms, and synchronicities, which open our souls’ eyes and heighten awareness of our connection to all of life. When we look with the soul’s eyes, we see through the surface of form to the invisible life force that connects everything, and we open to the aliveness coursing through us and all things. This new largeness of presence replaces the small, ego-based self we were inhabiting when we entered midlife.

“From each contact with the invisible world, our perspectives expand, and we are further tuned to the soul’s key. As we work to access the invisible world, the still-unintegrated parts of our egos become less capable of assuming exaggerated importance and are instead recognized as one of the many aspects of life force that can lead us on our souls’ paths. We come to recognize life as a continuous kaleidoscope of forms in a constant state of change, dissolving and reassembling in new designs.”

“From this point forward, our work is to fully inhabit our humanness with all its inconsistency, uncertainty, and vulnerability while opening to the divine and eternal within ourselves, which connects us to all of life.”

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