Praise for Taking the Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris

“This book brings the news that millions of people reaching their 40s, 50s, and 60s want to hear: that what many view as a period of breakdown or crisis is really a metamorphosis, transforming us into who we were born to be. Jett Psaris’ heartful, soulful writing communicates gently but powerfully, companioning us at every step through the changes in the middle period of our lives and offers diamonds of insight as well as practical, accessible tools to help us reach our full potential to be present and alive. This course is a must for every person who wants to step into their second adult lives as themselves, in the largest and most soulful form possible.”
– Gay Hendricks, PhD, Author (with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks) of Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart

“I have been aware of the work of Jett Psaris for many years. I can’t say enough about the depth of insights in her new offering, Taking the Midlife Leap, One Step at a Time. On a practical note the modular sections brilliantly fit and facilitate the unfolding story of our journey, and help readers zero in on each point. The graphics alone communicate a uniquely subtle and transformational impact, perfectly complementing the psychological and spiritual wisdom Psaris presents. I am well past the mid-life position, and yet found so much immediate relevance and comfort in this material for the continuing phases in my own life (and with my older friends). It is life-changing to gain perspective on this flow between the visible world and the invisible world of soul—which is so rarely imagined and explained as well as this. Brava, Jett for shining such a powerful, supportive light on our unfolding path and purpose!”
– Carol Adrienne, Ph.D., Author of The Purpose of Your Life

“An honest look at midlife, without the glitzy idealism or morbid hopelessness. Psaris does a brilliant job of delineating the phases of midlife, guiding the reader to turn the challenges of midlife into meaningful rites of passage. She clearly knows, and loves, her subject matter, imparting deep spiritual concepts in an amazingly accessible way. As Erik Erikson wrote, each stage is characterized by a crisis: a crisis of whether we are going to move forward (progress) or move backward (regress). Psaris masterfully maps the terrain of progression and the reader feels companioned all the way through. This is a masterpiece!”
– Mark Walker

“Taking the Midlife Leap is simply the most creative, informational, soulful and useful guidance for midlife to date. It is outstanding. It combines orthodox and innovative practices and methods of spiritual development, never forgetting that the goal is not to transcend but to fully embody our humanity: To walk in shoes neither too big nor too small but just right for us! In short it is both realistic and inspiring. Sure to become a classic in the growing body of information about the midlife passage.”
– Marlena Lyons, PhD, psychotherapist and co-author of Undefended Love

“One of the most gifted and soulful writers I know, Jett invites us to engage with our life challenges, sorrows, and joys in a way that irresistibly leads toward spiritual awakening and transformation. Accompanying us as a wise and loving friend, Jett’s stunningly clear writing, illuminating insights, and suggested inquiries gradually lead us to the joyful discovery of who we really are: radiant and loving beings. But we evolve toward this rapturous intimacy with life not through quick fixes or trying to transcend difficulties, but through the soulful work of embracing our humanity and engaging life as we find it. The gift of these series of writings is to allow us to take one step at a time to lovingly enter our felt experience in a way that allows us to move from our fragmented identities to relishing the mystery and ecstasy of being alive.”
– John Amodeo, PhD, psychotherapist and author of Dancing with Fire; The Authentic Heart; and Love & Betrayal

“As a psychotherapist, counselor, and life coach with over 30 years experience, I enthusiastically recommend this course as an invaluable resource for both the individual in midlife and the practitioner who assists others on their midlife journey. The clear guidance and essential wisdom that Jett Psaris brings to the midlife passage is steeped in Universal Truths, while being served to us in a refreshingly honest personable and nurturing manner. The truly innovative and remarkable aspect of this work is how practical it is. Jett Psaris guides you beyond theory into useful psychospiritual approaches to the challenges, obstacles and gifts of the midlife journey.”
– Loic Jassy PhD, MA, MFT

“When I was halfway through the course, I started to wonder whether Jett had been following me around for years, overhearing my conversations and internal dialogue and watching the choices I did or didn’t make. So many of the examples in the course felt like my life. I found myself saying over and over again: so THAT’S what was going on, or: this is what I am going through, ahh. It started to read a like a good mystery or a thriller. I wanted to jump ahead to see how it turned out, how I turned out. What support and depth of understanding from a fellow journeyer! There is nothing out there like the wisdom and caring of this course. I am so grateful that I can tap back in any time when I need help. That gives me comfort. Thank you!
– Kat Miller, MA