Praise for Hidden Blessings the new book by Jett Psaris

Hidden Blessings is a terrific book. It is rich and deeply satisfying, as the author carefully and lovingly leads the reader through an in-depth exploration of the midlife passage as an opportunity to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.”
— John Welwood, Toward a Psychology of Awakening

“In the middle of our lives, there is a ‘dark wood,’ as Dante named it, where each of us must lose our way. The luckiest among us find a guide like Jett Psaris who offers not only an exquisite map, but profound companionship along the way.”
— Kim Rosen, Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words

“Although I started reading this book as confused and frightened by midlife as most people I know, somewhere in the middle I felt the lights turn on, and everything after that gained new color and clarity. Hidden Blessings is the best book on midlife I’ve ever reviewed.”
— Patricia Holt, former book review editor, San Francisco Chronicle

“This wise book will guide you through the greatest challenge of middle age – dissolving and expanding your ego into LOVE.”
— Andrew Harvey, The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism

“Without formulaic prescriptions, Jett Psaris invites us to do the hard work of meeting the ordeals of midlife, allowing a deeper source of knowing to come forward. This is a generous book, suffused with wisdom and an unmistakable kindness.”
— Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

“Jett Psaris’ compassionate (but not sugar-coated) book speaks to the importance of submitting yourself to the process of change – to know there’s a profound difference between getting older and growing older.”
— Gregg Levoy, Callings and Vital Signs

“Hidden Blessings will help anyone find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in life’s second half.”
— Larry Dossey, MD, Prayer is Good Medicine and One Mind

“Hidden Blessings combines orthodox and innovative practices of spiritual development, never forgetting that the goal is not to transcend but to fully embody our humanity: To walk in shoes neither too big nor too small, but just right for us.”
— Marlena Lyons, PhD, Undefended Love

“What happens when everything you know and do loses its significance, and you feel you’re too ‘old’ to start life all over again? You jump. Jett Psaris is that precise spiritual guide who brings understanding to the cliffs of our lives.”
— Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, PhD, The Way of Tenderness

“Jett Psaris stunningly describes life’s process of disillusionment, not only an essential phase but a vital constituent in the alchemy of awakening.”
— Rashani Réa, Beyond Brokenness

“Accompanying us as a wise and loving friend, Jett Psaris leads us into the soulful work of embracing our humanity, one step at a time.”
— John Amodeo, PhD, Dancing with Fire

“Challenging us to face the humbling and inspiring truths of each moment, Hidden Blessings is an indispensable companion as we move through the currents, rapids and tide pools of middle age.”
— James Flaherty, founder of New Ventures West, Integral Coaching

“Jett Psaris encourages us to fully embrace the confusion, the uncertainty and even the despair that is necessary to shake our ego structure to its core. When we ‘experience the thing we fear the most to evolve,’ as she writes, we come out with a new foundation, fresh and authentic, inclusive and fluid.”
— Paul Jaffe, co-owner and founder of Copperfield’s Books

“Jett Psaris’ heartful, soulful writing offers diamonds of insight: What many view as a period of breakdown or crisis is really a metamorphosis.”
— Gay Hendricks, PhD, Conscious Loving Ever After