A Midlife Survey Questionnaire – are you in a midlife crisis?

Do you feel unhappy or disillusioned?
Are you lacking in motivation?
Are you feeling bad about signs of aging?
Is your work no longer satisfying?
Are you looking for new challenges or a new direction?
Is the awareness of mortality hitting home?
Do you experience a growing discontent with the life or lifestyle that may have once provided satisfaction?
Do you experience boredom with the people, pursuits, and possessions that once held more interest?
Are you feeling adventurous and wanting to do something different?
Are you questioning the meaning of life?
Are you feeling more exhausted than you have in the past?
Are you finding yourself attracted to inappropriate sexual partners?
Do you experience greatly increased or decreased ambition?
Are you longing for significant changes in core aspects of your daily life or situation?
Are you searching for something as-yet undefined?
Do you fantasize about walking out of your life?
Are you trying to look, act, and feel younger than you actually are?
Are you overly involved with the lives of your grown children?
Are you feeling restless and as if you would like to do something completely different?
Are you obsessing over your physical appearance and/or weight?
Is your health becoming an increasing concern?
Are you noticing yourself questioning rules and social expectations that limit your self-expression?
Do you feel like you are walking in shoes too small for you?


If you answered yes to 5 or more of these questions and are over 40 years of age, chances are good that you have arrived at the midlife passage, the sometimes scary stretch of life between here and there, between what has been and what will be.

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