Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - Course IntroductionMidlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris – Course Introduction

Although we understand that everyone who lives long enough arrives in midlife, we are surprised and often confused when our turn comes. The reason for our distress might not be clear at first. We might feel vague dissatisfaction, an uprising of seemingly irrational impulses, or a crystal clear reality such as a disturbing medical condition or the loss of a steady paycheck or partner. Without our consent or consideration, we have been ushered out of the first half of our lives into the middle passage, the turbulent stretch of life that separates the life we have lived from the possibilities going forward.

No one is prepared for this journey. And, until now, no one has successfully mapped the terrain so that sincere seekers can participate fully and feel companioned in the journey. The course Introduction discusses the midlife time frame and the psychological and spiritual viewpoints that are needed for us to make the most of our midlife transformation. In the Introduction we look at the big picture – that there is a planned obsolescence built in to the structures created in the first half of our adult lives – and we set the stage for the exciting and transformational journey ahead.

“No matter how our lives have been lived up to this point – no matter what level of success we have achieved – we are destined to arrive at the shocking realization that we have outlived the agendas of the first half of our lives. Our souls move in purposeful ways, forcing us to stretch beyond where we believe we can go by taking us to places we do not care to visit.”

t-intro-nan“The course’s scope is broad; it touches any area of life where a reader might be troubled, from relationship and family to work to personal expression and creativity and beyond. In my eyes, the synthesis of so many schools of thought with such a breadth of vision is a fascinating and unique contribution. But there is another stunning feature of the course: the material is not just inspirational at the level of insight and understanding; it also provides structures, strategies, and practices that allowed me to integrate and live those insights in my daily life. In my experience, incorporating the insights of therapy or spiritual teaching into actual daily life is challenging even when working with the support of a live therapist, teacher, or group. For written material to have such a direct and lasting impact is nothing short of astonishing. The power of this author’s insights and the supportive environment that the course offers produced a tangible and enduring shift in my perception of difficulties that have been present all my life although with particular intensity in midlife.”
– Nan Wishner, MA, C. Hom.
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