Midlife Leap Online Course by Jett Psaris - CLOSING MODULE (PDF)Midlife Leap Closing

Midlife is a metamorphosis in which our souls emerge from the chrysalis of our egos, enabling us to see beyond surface realities, go beyond where society and our conditioning tell us we can go, and touch the interconnected web of life. Now, at the end of the journey, we know ourselves as intricately woven within the cycles of the natural world – the revolutions of the days, the seasons, and the planets – as well as the mysteries of the invisible world. This enables us to live fully what life brings to us, and the fabricated worlds of logic and ego are replaced by life teeming with aliveness. As we have come to recognize our spiritual nature during the midlife journey, we have become able to see the divinity in others and all forms of life. The more we recognize each other as souls, the more we act out of love and respect for all beings.

“The story of life is progress, but not in the way that the ego tells us during the first half of our lives. Now we recognize progress as becoming, a process of nurturing latent potentials in a perpetual and cyclic emergence of the new. The human life story – and especially the midlife story – is the story of metamorphosis, the long and often painstaking creation of a vehicle through which our souls, when they emerge from the chrysalis of the ego, can express themselves in the visible world.”

t-closewalking“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

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